Friday, January 16, 2009

Wonderful News

Grandma is HOME!!! Thank gawd. She had us worried there for a bit. She is a bit weak but doesn't surprise me. Especially since she had not been out of bed since Saturday night. She didn't get to try walking until yesterday afternoon. She looks great though. We went over tonight after the kids left to give her a couple crochet hooks we picked up for her. Since she won't be allowed to do much for a bit, she can finish working on a rug she started. Sadly she broke the hook the other day. So yesterday after we saw her, we went and grabbed her a couple more. I am just happy that she is back home where she belongs :D

I have my Christening gown finished. Started the bonnet yesterday, it was finished today. Working on the booties for it now. I think it looks great. I just need to figure how much ribbon and roses I need to get. So I can start getting that all together :D I can't wait to see how it looks finished.

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