Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scared... Worried...

hate sitting and waiting until one can find news out.

Yesterday we got dumped on with snow. So I shoveled our house out. Then hubby and I went up a block to do my Grandma's. Like we do, every time it snows. I also go to my Grandma's to use her land line, help with my crocheting etc. It has been great the last few years her and I being so close (living near) because we became close. Yesterday was no different then any other day. We always stay around for a bit and chit chat with her. Make sure she doesn't need anything done. We don't let her pick up heavy things, stand to change a light etc. Especially since we are only a few houses apart, we have told her to call us any time. The longest I think she has ever had to wait for us to come and help, was maybe a hour or two. That would be due to the fact we were up in Madison. Soon we got in town, we went straight to her house. So she said she didn't need anything.

Then a few hours later, hubby says he noticed red/blue lights outside. I go look, don't see them. The older dog is going nuts at the door though. I looked, no one outside but the neighbor. He was plowing so I figured that was what was up with him. Hour later I get a call, telling me that my Grandma was on her way to the hospital. That she called my #%$# Uncle saying she couldn't breath. He kinda blew her off, and when he called her back or someone did, decided to call 911, that they found her in her car. Meaning she was going to drive herself. Am so upset that he did that. He also only lives a few houses away from us both.

So later I get an update: She is on a vent and sedated. They had to sedate her when they tried to put the vent in. They also were saying that she was in respiratory distress and she had a bad case of pneumonia.

So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers

UPDATE: Just got back, I am going back up this afternoon. She is VERY scared. Looks very tired. Still no news on much, though she hoping they will take the vent out this afternoon. I did tell her I was upset that she didn't call me. She said she didn't want to worry us. BLAH. I worry all the time. Why am down there a couple times a week to check on her. Or I call her.

I guess she couldn't breath. She has COPD, not the same kind that Z has. Emphysema. Had rapid heart rate once the EMT's got there. So they gave her meds and then tubed her on the way to the hospital. They will do an echo some time today. Her CBC's last night said infection but now they are coming back clear?!?!? So no idea on the pneumonia or not. So I hope to have a better update this afternoon when I go see her.

I know that she has had a hard time the last several months. Since losing my Uncle back in June, we all have been worried about her. He was her first born. She took his death very hard. The cancer killed him so fast. Now she has been dealing with his estate, which is kinda large. She has been trying to sell his house, his business with no luck. Heck, I would buy the house if could afford it. The taxes alone would kill me. The business she really doesn't need to be running. She should enjoy just relaxing. So finally she shut it down in December. She been losing a lot of weight that she can't afford to. Now we have this.

Some of my family?? well am sure they will now try to control her life in every way. One who never gave a crap about her, acts all Superman. Personally see him as a jerk. Especially for years he said nasty things.

I just want my Grandma home.

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